How Baby On Board Car Signs Can Be A Waste Of Time?

Baby on board car signs serve an important purpose when used correctly. In fact, it has a very valid purpose to alert other drivers on the road as well as act as a life-saving signal for emergency services. But the problem is that 99% of people don’t use the signs properly. According to a recent survey conducted by

. 99% of the parents weren’t aware of the real use of this sign. They don’t remove the sign when driving without a child in the back.
. Only 1% of parents removed the sign when they didn’t accompany a child in the back.


baby on board car sign


Even though not removing the sign when there isn’t a baby in the back of the car may seem a relatively trivial issue to most parents, it can be a life-or-death situation when you are involved in a serious road accident. There have been many instances where emergency services spending more than half an hour at the accident scene searching hedges and adjacent fields for a baby that wasn’t in the car in the first place. The only reason for this waste of time is the presence of the┬ásign in the car when there actually wasn’t a baby. The emergency services could have done a lot of other important work without wasting their time searching for a baby that was not present in the car. The message is clear – no child in the car – no sign. Make sure you use the sign correctly and assist the emergency services to do their job more efficiently.


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